Tough, Experienced Leader

Vote November 3rd

Denise Lunsford has assembled a team of dedicated prosecutors and staff who maintain strong and effective working relationships with law enforcement, court personnel and other attorneys.


  • Aggressive litigator committed to seeing that justice is served
  • Ensures that those who commit crimes in our community are held accountable
  • Known for her hard work, diligence and preparation in and out of the courtroom


  • 25 years practicing law in the state, local and Federal Courts in the Charlottesville/Albemarle community
  • Eight years as your Commonwealth’s Attorney
  • Prosecuted and defended thousands of cases and served as lead counsel in numerous complex criminal cases including capital murder


  • Cultivated an Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney known for its competence and commitment to ensuring equal justice
  • Working proactively with law enforcement and citizens’ groups to build a safer community
  • Co-Chair of the Committee on Justice and Professionalism of the Virginia Association of Commonwealth’s Attorneys

This campaign will necessarily be different from previous efforts. I have a duty to fulfill as Commonwealth’s Attorney, and my focus now needs to be on prosecuting cases important to this community. I am working closely with my investigative team and law enforcement colleagues on assuring successful outcomes. Nothing less will do. My primary attention between now and Election Day will be on doing the job you have twice elected me to do. Most of the work of my campaign for re-election will be carried out by my campaign team in consultation with me throughout the process. So, if you don’t see me on the campaign trail as much as previously, you will know why.